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every lie we told, for every word you sold [entries|friends|calendar]
cut wide open

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Open Happiness [08 Jul 2009|04:30pm]

The world premiere of the "Open Happiness" music video is just days away. It features Cee-Lo, Janelle Monae, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Brendon Urie of Panic At the Disco, and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Hereos. Check out the video below of Brendon on the set of the video:

Watch it here!

There's also a video of Brendon in the studio: Watch it here!

Check out these exclusive pics from the set that they just posted on twitter!
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"Open Happiness" remix contest on iMeem [14 Apr 2009|02:31pm]


Now that you've been totally infected with the undeniable catchiness of "Open Happiness" -- featuring Cee-Lo, Janelle Monae, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Brendon Urie of Panic At the Disco, and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Hereos -- here's a chance to make yourself even happier:
super expensive awesome prizesCollapse )
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open happiness [27 Mar 2009|12:57pm]


New song from Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump, Travis GCH, Cee-Lo and Janelle Monae
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[26 Sep 2004|12:15am]
Showbiz dinners and the free champagne.
Men in suits, who think they know it all.
No-one knows me, but they know my name;
that's not real to me,

Hotel lobby to the aeroplane,
another country but they start to look the same.
Watch the world behind a window pane;
that's not real to me.
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[21 Jul 2004|07:36am]

God bless me, I'm glad I got the insight.
Because of you girl, now I understand life.
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[20 Jul 2004|02:32pm]

Come on just say it.
You need me like a bad habit.
One that gives you the interest of indepth and love.
Come on just say it.
Are you afraid to?
Say what you want to.
Tell me you want to.

She says live up to your first impression.
I need you defenseless, dependent and alone.
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[19 Jul 2004|04:02pm]
Your lipstick, his collar ... don't bother, Angel.
I know exactly what goes on.
When everything you'll get is
everything that you've wanted, Princess.
Well, which would you prefer;
my finger on the trigger, or
me face down, down across your floor?
Well, just so long as this thing's loaded.

And will you tell all your friends,
you've got your gun to my head?
This all was only wishful thinkin'.
Let's go ...

Don't bother trying to explain, Angel.
I know exactly what goes on, when you're on and ...
how about I'm outside of your window,
watchin' him keep the details covered?
You're such a sucker
for a sweet talker, yeah.

The only thing I regret, is that I,
I never let you hold me back.

Hoping for the best, just hoping nothing happens.
A thousand clever lines unread on clever napkins.
I will never ask, if you don't ever tell me.
I know you well enough, to know you never loved me.

Why can't I feel anything,
from anyone other than you?
And all of this, was all your fault.

I stay jealous.
I stay wrecked and jealous for this,
for this simple reason.
I just need to keep you in mind,
as something larger than life.
She'll destroy us all before she's through,
and find a way to blame somebody else.
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[16 Jul 2004|09:30am]
For the last time;
how does it feel, when I laugh in your face?

When I give you the finger,
you're already dead to me
and you really think you matter.
That's the story of the year.

2000 miles away from these stormy skies;
to salty air,
knee deep in Midwest quicksand.
There's no reason to say goodbye.

Now or never,
it's the story of the year.
There's no way I'll believe in second chances.

Don't look back, don't hesitate.
Your future's the chances you take.
Don't live your life,
afraid of growing old, with regret in the end.
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[15 Jul 2004|08:10am]

You've got to get better
Say it's all in your head
We could live through these letters
or forget it all together
See the months they don't matter
It's the days I can't take
when the hours move to minutes and I'm seconds away

Just ask the question
Come untie the knot
Say you won't care
Say you won't care
Retrace the steps
As if we forgot
Say you won't care
We try to avoid it

But there's not a doubt
And there's one thing
I can do nothing about

Well all that we need is just a reaction
It's too much to ask for when there's no attraction anymore
If chasing our dreams is just a distraction
I want to remember when I know that I can't go back

We try to avoid it
But there's not a doubt
And there's one thing I can do nothing

There's one thing I can do nothing about
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There's one thing, I can do nothing about. [15 Jul 2004|02:04pm]

So, our open wounds will bleed ...
until our veins run dry.
Now we have to take this thorn
and tear it from our side;
agitated at the fault line.
Still agreed to disagree;
you're connected to the heart.
But, tonight we'll set you free.

So swallow the knife,
carve the way for your pride.
Now our hands are tied.
The problems lie within,
so we pray for night,
to start over again.

So, let's make this night our best mistake.
So, let's take the time to wipe the blood away.
Now our hands are tied,
and our world is caving in.

Words are spoken.
Words are broken, broken down.
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[15 Jul 2004|01:55pm]

Everything I know about breaking hearts,
I learned from you. It's true.
Best friends means, I pull the trigger.
Best friends means, you get what you deserve.
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[14 Jul 2004|06:08am]

It's not that I don't trust you.
I just know what you've been up to
and this dial tone is agreeing,
with everything I've had in mind.
You've got your high-as-a-kite tricks in the bag.

So, as his eyes move down past your shoulders,
and the shades start moving in the same direction.
Don't worry, I won't say a thing.
You can't blame a girl for sticking to what she knows.

I hope he takes his time
and I hope he keeps your eyes closed, tight.
And I hope that when he leaves,
you still smell him on your sheets.
Because I can, I can.

If I could get to sleep,
then I guess you could stop pretending.
Because if I didn't think you loved him,
well then I would lay alone.

You're down for selling me out,
while I play dumb.
But, it's cool because I let you.
You thought I'd never catch you.
You said "we're only friends."
Yeah, real good friends, I bet. I bet.

Forget your legs around my hips.
Forget your hands pressed on my back.
Forget all the letters that I kept,
this is another I won't send.
Forget your lips, your eyes, your thighs.
Forget our one last kiss goodbye.
Forget me staking out your house.
Forget I've got you figured out.
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[13 Jul 2004|12:26pm]

It's about time to set the record straight
clear the air, forget all that you heard
turn deaf ears to words that they all say
I'll show you all you ought to know

What you see is what you get
stop reading between the lines
you won't like what you'll find
you haven't seen nothing yet
the best is yet to come
you're not through until I'm done

You're holding the past against me
when you should be holding me to my word
why don't you find out for yourself now, girl?

I'll try, try to make you see
that all these questions that you're asking of me
are starting to break me down
pushing me close, and closer and closer to the edge
you're force, you're forcing me overboard
and if I'm going down I'm taking you with me

If I'm going down
then I'm taking you with me
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[13 Jul 2004|12:05am]
I've never felt so hollow
I'm an old abandoned church with broken pews
and empty aisles
my secrets for a buck
watch me as I cut myself wide open on this stage,
yes, I am paid to spill my guts
I won't see home till spring
Oh, I would kill for the Atlantic
but I am paid to make girls panic while I sing
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[13 Jul 2004|12:59am]

Moving slow, like the smoke from your cigarette.
Every step closer's a step that we both will regret;
keeping a tally, but who could keep track?
Your overreacting is taking me back,
to a time when our lives aligned.

Holding onto the phone, holding onto this glass,
holding onto the memory of what didn't last;
waiting for better words, they'll never come.
So, dry your eyes. It's better, now it's done.

Keep a tight grip like a child, holding onto a swingset.
Waiting and hoping to find, what I can't figure out yet.
Please don't, unless, this is something you need ...
another nightmare, instead of a dream.
Better left alone.

I never lost so much.
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[12 Jul 2004|01:09am]

It's after midnight and she's on your phone
Sayin' come over 'cause she's all alone
I could tell it was your "ex" by your tone
But why is she callin' now after so long?

Now, what is it that she wants
Tell me what is it that she needs
Did she hear about the brand new Benz
That you just bought for me

There's no need to reminisce 'bout the past
Obviously 'cause that shit did not last

Whatcha gonna do when you can't say no
And her feelings start to show
Boy I really need to know - and
How ya gonna act
How ya gonna handle that
Whatcha gonna do when she wants you back?

Tell me why she on the phone in the middle of the night
Tell me why she in your life trying to get what's mine
She don't know me, she's about to know me
I'm in your life that's how it's gonna be

I seen her photo, she ain't even all that.
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[12 Jul 2004|06:45am]
It's come down to this;
every move you make will be every smile I break.
Every reverie you paint,
I'll paint a curse; a bloody verse.
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[12 Jul 2004|04:15am]

Well, I pictured you in blue.
But, I have to say:
I'm more partial to the red;
deep, dark, and devastating.
Leaving no question as to where you've been,
I calm the crowd, by keeping quiet ...
move like a shadow, up to your mattress.
Gentlemen dont ask questions,
we could pay attention.

Do you think he'd be better,
doing what I do best?
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[11 Jul 2004|11:24pm]

This is the last night I'll be writing you.
If apologies mean nothing,
then neither do these photographs that hang on my wall.
So, let's look at our inhibitions
and try to envision how fun it would be;
to be tied up in the back seat, with a brick on the gas.
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[11 Jul 2004|04:07pm]

my night nurse
only you alone can quench this here thirst
ohhh my night nurse

I downloaded this and I'm truckin' with the classics.
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