This is the end of the ride. (avenge) wrote in cutwideopen,
This is the end of the ride.

There's one thing, I can do nothing about.

So, our open wounds will bleed ...
until our veins run dry.
Now we have to take this thorn
and tear it from our side;
agitated at the fault line.
Still agreed to disagree;
you're connected to the heart.
But, tonight we'll set you free.

So swallow the knife,
carve the way for your pride.
Now our hands are tied.
The problems lie within,
so we pray for night,
to start over again.

So, let's make this night our best mistake.
So, let's take the time to wipe the blood away.
Now our hands are tied,
and our world is caving in.

Words are spoken.
Words are broken, broken down.
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